Welcome to Risk Sciences International

Risk Sciences International (RSI) was established to provide clients from both the private and public sectors with the tools and expertise needed to understand and effectively manage risk.  Affiliated with the University of Ottawa, RSI draws on a diverse field of subject matter experts who collaborate with in-house professionals to address issues ranging from microbial contamination in powdered infant formula, to pandemic flu capacity planning. In addition to hands-on risk assessments, RSI provides consulting on aspects of risk communication and risk management.  The personnel at RSI are involved at an international level in the development of risk analysis through collaboration with the FAO and WHO of the United Nations.

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Risk Sciences International incorporates the consulting agencies formerly known as Decisionalysis, and Decision and Risk Consulting.  RSI builds on the foundation created by those entities by providing greater scope and depth of field through its affiliation with the University of Ottawa.

Our primary areas of professional expertise include: