Anne Wiles, PhD

Risk Analyst 3, Risk Communications

Dr. Anne Wiles is a senior analyst who divides her time between projects on climate change and risk decision-making, conducting research and analysis, and advising on risk management decision-making processes.

Dr. Wiles has more than ten years’ experience in the study of new and emerging environmental threats to human health. and has establishing herself as an expert on public expectations for the control of risks and trust in risk regulation. Her accomplishments include the development of nuclear safety regulatory guidance and policy documents for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, and the development of nuclear emergency information material and communications procedures for Health Canada. She was a consultant with the environmental review of the concept for the disposal of high-level nuclear waste conducted by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, and participated in projects on natural disaster response. Anne received an MA degree for a thesis on the environmental and social issues around disposal of high-level nuclear waste, and a PhD for her thesis dealing with risk regulation of genetically modified foods and natural health products.