G. Michael Tyshenko, PhD

Senior Risk Analyst

Dr. Tyshenko is a Risk Analyst at Risk Sciences International, Ottawa and a Research Associate at the University of Ottawa. His academic background includes a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology with 15 years research experience and a MPA in Public Administration.

Dr. Tyshenko has completed post-doctoral training in Health Policy Studies and Health Risk Communication. He held the prestigious McLaughlin Chair in Science Health Policy at the Institute of Population Health, University of Ottawa and currently acts as the director of Riskcom.org a learning website portal to communicate health risk issues. His research areas include: pandemic planning, zoonotic disease, medical nanotechnology, prion disease risk management, health risk communication, global health, and health initiatives. He has a lifetime total of over 75 peer reviewed papers, 11 book chapters and 2 books. The Canadian Bulletin of Medical History stated that Michael’s research on health risk communication of pandemics “should be required reading for historians, politicians, policy makers, health care professionals, and the public”.

He is a standing reviewer for several peer reviewed journals and has participated in numerous expert panels. His work in health risk communication explores the public policy interface between scientific research, technological risks and impacts upon society.