Neil Comer, PhD 

Risk Analyst 3, Senior Climatologist 

Dr. Neil Comer is a Senior Climatologist with Risk Sciences International (RSI).

With 20 years of experience, Dr. Comer has worked in the private sector as an applications engineer/instructor (Weather Services International), in the public sector with the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) and the Adaptation and Impacts Research Section of Environment Canada (EC), and currently in academia as adjunct professor (University of Toronto Scarborough). At EC, Dr. Comer shared responsibility for developing the Atmospheric Hazards network, and the Canadian Climate Change Scenarios Network (CCCSN), a set of on-line applications supporting the validation and selection of climate change projections for specific climate parameters and geographical locations.

Dr. Comer has served in the past as climate science advisor to the Ontario Regional Climate Change Consortium and was a reviewer for the IPCC AR5 SREX (Extremes) Report. Dr. Comer has provided analytical services and training to a range of industrial sectors, including agriculture, and has been an invited speaker at many international climate change meetings including the Smithsonian, and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He is also the architect of RSI’s climate analytical system and the Climate Change Hazards Information Portal (CCHIP).