FDA-iRISK – Microbial and Chemical Risk Assessment Software

FDA-iRISK® is a web-based food safety risk analysis and ranking tool developed in partnership with FDA and JIFSAN. In development for over a decade, this application provides users with a consistent risk assessment methodology that integrates the required elements of a food safety risk scenario for acute microbial, acute chemical, and chronic chemical exposures.

Model elements include food consumption, hazard dose-response models and health metrics, and contamination levels in food. FDA-iRISK® is structured to allow users to reuse research from previous assessments in the development of new scenarios (e.g., consumption of a specific food). It matches user-supplied parameters with embedded algorithms to produce simulation models that compute risk estimates for specific food-hazard combinations. These risk estimates allow users to compare risks with other food-hazard combinations and investigate the impact of interventions.

The tool is publically available at