Public Safety Canada – All-Hazards Risk Assessment

RSI was contracted to assist Public Safety Canada (PSC) and Defense R&D Canada (DRDC) in the development and implementation of an All Hazards Risk Assessment (AHRA) Framework, a program required in order to support federal government institutions with the development of all hazards-based Strategic Emergency Management Plans (SEMPs).

Deliverables of the project included a final report with detailed recommendations addressing how to better reflect Government of Canada policy objectives within the AHRA and SEMP process; a refined AHRA methodology for use by federal institutions in preparing SEMPs; and four one-day workshops, involving 21 federal departments and agencies, employing the AHRA methodology in support of the development of SEMPs across the Federal Government.

As a part of this work, RSI created a user-friendly computer-based decision-support tool for applying the AHRA methodology, which assesses and ranks the consequences and likelihoods posed by a set of given risk scenarios. Criteria addressed by the tool include impacts on human health, economy, environment, security, and society.