Canadian Blood Services – Risk-Based Decision-Making Framework

RSI was contracted by Canadian Blood Services to assist the Alliance of Blood Operators in the development of a blood-safety oriented risk-based decision-making framework that would provide policy guidance on a realistic cost-effective approach to ensuring blood safety in a vein-to-vein context (from blood donor to blood recipient) based on sound principles of risk assessment and management.

This work involved a review of existing risk-based decision-making frameworks, development of a Draft Framework, a Workshop Consultation on the finalized Draft Framework, and an evaluation of the practical application of the Framework using illustrative case studies.

Building on Phase I of this work, RSI was further contracted to facilitate and conduct an external peer review evaluation of the existing draft Risk Management Framework, conduct further feasibility testing using illustrative case studies, and update and finalize the framework including development of a written report describing the feedback and results of feasibility testing.

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