Technical Standards and Safety Authority

For more than a decade, RSI has provided a range of expertise and advisory services in risk analysis and risk management to the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), on issues relating to its ability to achieve its internal and external risk management objectives.

This work included a detailed review of TSSA’s Risk-Informed Decision-Making (RIDM) approach, including a detailed assessment of the organization’s existing approaches to risk assessment, safety measurement, and public reporting of its regulatory performance. The goal of this work was to identify ways in which TSSA could improve its RIDM approach to better meet its organizational objectives and goals.

Through this review, RSI identified areas for improvement within TSSA’s existing RIDM framework in order to better support the organization’s risk management processes. RSI also identified and made recommendations regarding opportunities for external validation and benchmarking of TSSA’s RIDM framework against other similar organizations and generally accepted risk management best practices.