RSI contributes to the ECO report on Climate Action in Ontario

RSI's Climate Group was retained to provide a customized research report for the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO). Portions of this RSI report entitled 'An Investigation of Extreme Precipitation Occurrence and Projections within Ontario' has been incorporated into the newly released ECO document: 'Climate Action in Ontario: What's Next? 2018 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report'

RSI’s role in the ECO report required assembly of background information on extreme precipitation events, their areal extent, timing and trends in Ontario and neighbouring jurisdictions. RSI’s reporting highlighted the critical importance that siting and density of climate and hydrological observing stations can have on the ability to detect the occurrence of finer scale weather events, and prospects of future precipitation extremes going forward.

The full ECO report is available on their website linked here.

RSI’s Precipitation Extremes Report for the ECO is available for download here.

For more information on the RSI Climate Group’s extensive range of specialized climate services and their applications, including addressing Infrastructure Canada’s recently instituted Climate Lens Requirements, please contact: Roger Rempel, P.Eng, IRP, Director, Climate Group,