Chemical and Product Safety

Chemical and Product Safety

Risk Sciences International has broad experience in assessing and managing chemical risk and product safety. Managing risk in these areas can have significant impacts on public safety and well-being.

RSI staff and affiliated scientists have an extensive background in epidemiology, toxicology, and pharmacology, that can help identify and characterize chemical risk and product safety. Clients include a variety of public and private sector organizations.

Epidemiology:  RSI has analyzed large and complex data sets to explore environmental, occupational, food and medical exposures on population health. Recent RSI publications provide systematic reviews as well as a synthesis of epidemiology and toxicology data in the context of population health risk and safety assessment.

Toxicology:  RSI has expertise in diverse aspects of toxicology including kinetics, mode of action, adverse outcome pathways, mixtures and interactions, as well as the 21st century toxicity testing paradigm. We have contributed to IUCLID and development of biomonitoring equivalents based on toxicology data and regulatory levels. WE have also conducted dose-response and risk assessments for industry, government, and citizen groups to characterize health risks using state-of-the-art methods and techniques.

Pharmacology: RSI has developed and utilized non-compartmental analysis, population pharmacokinetics and physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models. We can work with your organization to apply contemporary, modern pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic approaches to understand exposure of target tissues.