Public Health

RSI has extensive experience modelling the risks and consequences associated with infectious disease spread amongst human and animal populations. We have worked with public health organizations in more than 175 countries to safeguard public health and help respond to potential threats to the population.

RSI has been involved in a variety of projects related to fresh water, food, pharmaceuticals, paints, packaging, personal care products, and many more.

Examples of projects include:

  • a review of current procedures and assisting in the development of new or improved procedures for product safety decision making processes;
  • the development of organizational structures to support risk assessment within government agencies;
  • a review of standard operating procedures for consumer product safety risk management to ensure that principles of risk assessment are properly applied, and that such procedures are aligned with current practice;
  • the development of product safety assessment processes;
  • the development of intelligence driven risk assessment methodologies across all hazards dealing with both malicious and non-malicious hazard scenarios; and
  • the development and implementation of an all hazards risk assessment framework for the Federal Government of Canada, which includes the development of risk scoring tools, graphical representations, calibration of scoring scales, and facilitation of interdepartmental scoring workshops dealing with both malicious and non-malicious hazard scenarios.