Resilient Infrastrucure and Systems

Resilient Infrastructure and Systems

The planning, design, and operation of resilient infrastructure systems requires multidisciplinary research and decision support to understand and mitigate the impact of hazards, natural or man-made, malicious or accidental.

Risk Sciences International applies its expertise in extreme weather and climate change, infrastructure vulnerability assessment, risk analysis, and decision analytics to help clients investigate and understand options for improving the resiliency of critical infrastructure systems ranging from water supply to transportation assets, and from electrical systems to assets involved in emergency response.

In addition to assessment-related support, RSI works with clients to address issues of infrastructure resiliency by improving risk governance (including risk-based regulatory) approaches. Similarly, RSI specializes in the role of national codes and standards systems in societal risk management, with respect to critical infrastructure as well as other social support and safety-and security-related issues. A significant area of activity and interest for RSI relates to the ability to reflect climate change in the planning, design, and management requirements for critical infrastructure, in Canada and abroad.