Risk Based Decision Making

Risk-Based Decision Making

Decisions Made With Confidence

Risk Sciences International provides clients with the confidence needed to make important decisions. By identifying all relevant evidence, evaluating its quality, and distilling it into a comprehensive, integrated risk assessment, RSI ensures business decisions are evidence-based and rock solid. The assessment provides the foundation for data-informed risk management according to well-established risk decision-making principles.

RSI possesses the tools and analyses that support risk-based decision-making across a diverse range of domains including:

  • toxicological, microbiological, and nutritional issues in food;
  • air and water quality;
  • climate change impacts and adaptation;
  • medical and engineering devices;
  • risk-based inspection; and
  • emergency planning and response for natural and man-made disasters.

We also provide support for public and private sector organizations that need to review risk-based decision-making capabilities.

We offer a diverse range of services, spanning research to training to the development of software tools. Our in-depth analysis and advice enables organizations to more effectively meet their risk management objectives, leading to risk-informed decision-making.