Preparing for Success

Risk Sciences International offers training in risk analysis to assist clients in extending their in-house capacity for risk assessment and management, or for those wishing a more sophisticated understanding of the field.

Training ranges from short courses and hands-on workshops covering the technical aspects of risk assessment (such as probability, simulation, and modelling), to lectures on broader issues such as risk management and risk communication. Certain RSI courses offer considerable domain-related specificity, such as our suite of courses supporting climate change risk analysis in different build infrastructure, natural resource management, and municipal planning domains. Training programs delivered by RSI provide both practicality and insight.

In addition to offering training on the principles and practice of risk assessment and modelling, we also offer software-specific training in Analytica, a visual software environment for building, exploring, and sharing quantitative decision models.

Workshop Facilitation

We can facilitate workshops on the outcomes of a major analysis, or to lead an audience through the aspects of a risk-related subject area that is relevant to their needs. We can help define the agenda for these workshops that can lead to a better understanding of the material and the conclusions drawn from it.


We offer a wide range of courses in understanding, communicating, and managing risks. Formal training programs may range from one to five days, depending on the breadth of topics covered. Training can be provided at RSI’s head office in Ottawa, on client premises, or other suitable locations that best meet client needs. Training may also be offered on the University of Ottawa campus, as a joint RSI-uOttawa venture. Participants are provided with certification of completion of all RSI training programs. Certification of competency in specific areas of risk science may also be provided following completion of an appropriate competency-based assessment.